Whotfire - Take your Whot Mobile Gaming Seriously.

You like card games, mind games and fighting games ? then we have you. Whotfire is a card game based on the popular WHOT card game but with fighting game elements.Whotfire is the best mobile whot game in both AppStore and GooglePlay combined.We intend to have our esports!

But why Whot ?

First of all we love the game of WHOT!, with that in mind we felt Whot can be played on a professional level too.We did not add to whotfire's whot game but it was created with a variation we grew up playing and we intend to include all other variation as the sport of Whot develops.
We are commited to bringing the best mobile whot game experience as we grow.Please find time to follow our social media handle as we need it much,so please don't just read through the story but follow us through the links below.

Whotfire E-League!

Whotfire E-League is a four(4) part 1-month league ranking competition on whotfire.The top 32 players are then selected to compete for the league price and pro-cup points.

32 top players will be pooled for the end of season pro-cup where huge prices will be won.Follow us on our social media handle for more information.

You can play your friends on using the multiplayer features or you can choose to watch live matches by using the spectator mode. We really hope you like whotfire . You can aswell send us suggestions on our social media handles .

Watch Live Matches

You can watch and learn how to play whotfire by watching live matches using spectator mode in the whotfire mobile game or watch some videos below

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The Best Whot game on GooglePlay and AppStore combined.

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